Cleaning Gear

Cleaning Gear


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Removes light scratches and gives a like NEW finish on your headlights. Also gets rid of the ugly yellow sun burn on your mx5 lights. 473ml bottle


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A simple spray on and buff by hand with a microfibre cloth. Leaves a showroom shine and removes sticky fingerprints and marks! (650ml Spray)

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Last one!

High Gloss tyre dressing, easy to apply.. Spray on a cloth and wipe on. SMELLS GREAT TOO!! (651ml Spray)

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SOLD OUT if ordered we will send when available (email us for ETA)

Crystal glass cleaner has an advanced formulation that cleans and shines fast while cutting through surface contaminants, leaving a smear free crystal clear finish.


Quantity Available: 3

Rapid wash and wax has excellent deep cleaning properties perfect for one step detailing when required.


Quantity Available: 5

Q-cut compounds water based formula makes it the perfect compound for all industrial and marine applications. Q-cut is easy to use and easy to remove, significantly reducing buffing time.Q-cut removes 1500 and finer sand scratches 1st time, every time. Q-cut leaves a deep high gloss wet look finish without the use of fillers, waxes or silicones.


Quantity Available: 2

High quality foam applicator pads used for applying Juice compounds, polishes and waxes.


Quantity Available: 14

Speed wax nano technology is a High gloss liquid polish that uses nano technology to provide extended wax protection and dirt repelling properties on all paint surfaces. Speed wax has been fully tested to ensure compatibility with all modern paint finishes including hs, ceramic clear coat etc.


Quantity Available: 3

Show’n shine removes watermarks, fingerprints and blemishes from all paint surfaces enhancing gloss and protection.


Quantity Available: 3